Collection: Albert Koetsier

Albert Koetsier is a Dutch-born artist known for his extraordinary x-rayography art — a technique that involves using X-ray imaging to create captivating images. Born in 1932, Koetsier's interest in photography and engineering led him to a career in the aerospace and medical industry, where he honed his X-ray skills. Koetsier's work is defined by its unique aesthetic, capturing the unseen beauty of nature through X-ray photography. His subjects often include flowers, shells, and leaves, their internal structures revealed in striking detail. His style combines scientific precision with artistic interpretation, resulting in images that are both technical and poetic. The images are often rendered in monochrome or subtly colored, emphasizing the delicate intricacies of nature's design. Today, Albert Koetsier's art, such as the popular "Beyond Blue" series, is widely reproduced and appreciated for its fusion of art and science, inviting viewers to see the natural world from a unique perspective.