Collection: Allan Ramsay

Allan Ramsay (1713-1784) was a Scottish portrait painter who is known for his elegant and refined depictions of the Scottish aristocracy. Ramsay studied in Italy and was heavily influenced by the work of the great Baroque masters. He was also influenced by the work of French Rococo painters like Jean-Marc Nattier, which is evident in his own Rococo-inspired portraits.Ramsay was appointed the official painter to George III in 1760, and he continued to paint portraits of the British royal family and other prominent figures until his death. He was an accomplished and prolific artist, producing a large number of portraits over the course of his career. Ramsay's portraits are known for their exquisite attention to detail and their ability to capture the essence of his subjects' personalities. Today, his work can be seen in collections around the world, including the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.