Collection: Banksy

Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based street artist, political activist, and film director, whose real identity remains unknown. Emerging in the 1990s in the Bristol graffiti scene, Banksy's satirical and subversive street art combines dark humor with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. His works, often carrying strong social and political messages, appear on public surfaces, such as walls, bridges, and streets, and have been featured in cities around the world. Notable works include "Balloon Girl," "Rage, Flower Thrower," and the dystopian theme park, "Dismaland." Banksy's work is characterized by its striking imagery and its ability to provoke thought and dialogue around contemporary issues. Despite the controversial nature of his work and his anonymity, Banksy has gained international acclaim and has been the subject of several books and films. Today, Banksy remains one of the most influential and elusive figures in the contemporary art world.