Collection: Berthe Morisot

Berthe Morisot (1841-1895) was a French Impressionist painter and a key member of the Impressionist movement. Born into a wealthy family, Morisot was able to pursue her passion for painting and received formal training from several notable artists of her time.

Morisot is best known for her intimate, domestic scenes of women and children, which were often inspired by her own experiences as a wife and mother. She frequently depicted her sister Edma and later her daughter Julie in her paintings, capturing their everyday activities and the subtle nuances of their relationships.

Morisot exhibited regularly at the Salon and later at the Impressionist exhibitions, becoming one of the few women to gain recognition in the male-dominated art world. She played a crucial role in the development of Impressionism and influenced many other artists with her bold use of color and loose brushwork.

Morisot's legacy as a pioneer of modern art continues to be celebrated today, with her works featured in major museums and exhibitions around the world.