Collection: Carol Rowan

Carol Rowan is an accomplished artist renowned for her floral artwork and captivating still life compositions. Her paintings manifest a vibrant expression of color, imbued with a tangible sense of warmth and luminosity. Trained in both fine and commercial art, Rowan's work elegantly bridges the gap between these domains, making her a unique figure in the artistic landscape. The delicate treatment of light in her pieces unveils an intimate familiarity with her subjects, which range from lush floral arrangements to serene coastal vistas. Her artwork communicates an unmistakable love for the natural world, each piece offering a snapshot of the beauty in everyday life. Over the years, Carol Rowan has cultivated a significant following, her masterful interpretations of nature and inspiring aesthetic making her a well-respected figure in the world of contemporary art. Her work continues to bring comfort and beauty into the homes of her numerous admirers.