Collection: Chris Paschke

Chris Paschke is an accomplished and versatile artist known for her elegant and minimalist aesthetic. Having spent over 35 years in the art and framing industry, Paschke brings an extraordinary breadth of experience to her work. From watercolor landscapes to more abstract, Zen-inspired pieces, her art captivates with its tranquility and sophistication. Paschke's interest in calligraphy and Japanese ink painting can be seen in the fluid, graceful lines and delicate compositions of her creations. Throughout her career, Paschke has been an active contributor to the art community, as a certified picture framer, an art educator, and an author of several books on framing and design. Today, her work is internationally recognized, bringing peace, balance, and a touch of Zen into homes and spaces around the world. Paschke continues to evolve her art, pushing boundaries and exploring new forms of expression.