Collection: Daniele da Volterra

Daniele da Volterra (c. 1509-1566) was an Italian Mannerist painter and sculptor who worked during the Renaissance period. Born in Volterra, he studied under various artists including Baldassare Peruzzi and Michelangelo, with whom he became a close friend and collaborator. He is best known for his figural work, particularly his nudes and mythological scenes, which often incorporated dramatic, exaggerated poses and elongated forms. Later in his career, he became known for his skill in depicting facial expressions, particularly in his series of portrait busts. He is also credited with inventing a technique called "stucco duro", which involves carving plaster to create high relief sculptures. Some of his notable works include the frescoes in the Orsini Palace and the decoration of the chapel of Saint John in the Lateran Basilica in Rome.