Collection: Dean Russo

Dean Russo is a Brooklyn-based American artist known for his vibrant pop art animal portraits. Russo's work is characterized by its bold colors, abstract patterns, and intricate detailing, combining various mediums and techniques, including spray paint, collage, and sharpies. Russo's art is heavily inspired by his love for animals and his commitment to animal welfare. His subjects, often dogs and cats, are depicted with intense, expressive eyes that convey their personality and emotions, contributing to the overall impact of his work. Russo's distinctive style, a blend of cubism, abstract, and pop art, has gained him recognition both locally and internationally. His artwork is widely reproduced and loved by animal enthusiasts and art collectors alike. A passionate advocate for animal rights, Russo's work aims to raise awareness about pet adoption and animal welfare issues. Today, Dean Russo continues to create vibrant, emotive art that celebrates the unique beauty and spirit of animals.