Collection: Fab Funky

Fab Funky is the pseudonym of UK-based artist Kelly Stevens, renowned for her distinctive and quirky creations that infuse vintage imagery with a touch of the absurd. Stevens, who had a background in fashion design and trend forecasting, transitioned into the art world where she found her niche. Stevens' work under the Fab Funky brand is characterized by its innovative use of antique book pages as canvases for her vibrant illustrations. Her subjects often include eccentric animals engaged in human activities, from dogs in Victorian attire to puffins with umbrellas, lending a whimsical, playful quality to her work. Stevens' unique blend of vintage and contemporary, reality and fantasy, has gained Fab Funky a considerable following. Her images are widely reproduced on prints and various home décor items, finding homes with art collectors who appreciate a bit of whimsy and humor. Today, Fab Funky remains a beloved presence in the world of pop surrealism.