Collection: Farida Zaman

Farida Zaman is a globally recognized artist known for her vibrant and whimsical style. Born and educated in Bangladesh, she continued her studies in graphic design at Chelsea College of Art, London, and has since lived in several different countries. This rich blend of cultural experiences has greatly influenced her work, giving it a unique, diverse character. Zaman’s art is characterized by its bold, lively colors, playful forms, and a fusion of traditional and contemporary design elements. She has a broad range of expertise including illustration, pattern design, typography, and portraiture. Her work has been used extensively in publishing, home decor, fashion, and advertising. She has a remarkable ability to infuse a sense of joy and positivity into her pieces, making them not just visually pleasing, but emotionally engaging as well. Whether it's bright botanicals, quirky characters, or stylized cityscapes, Farida Zaman's art brings an undeniable charm to any interior decor.