Collection: Frederic Bazille

Frédéric Bazille was a French painter associated with the Impressionist movement. Born in Montpellier, France in 1841, he studied medicine before pursuing a career in art. In 1862, he moved to Paris to study painting under Charles Gleyre, where he met and befriended future Impressionist artists such as Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir. Bazille is best known for his intimate, naturalistic paintings of his family, friends, and the landscapes of his hometown. He often painted outdoors, a practice that became a hallmark of the Impressionist movement. Unfortunately, his promising career was cut short when he died in battle during the Franco-Prussian War at the age of 28. Despite his short life and limited output, Bazille's contributions to the development of Impressionism and his unique artistic vision have earned him a place in art history.