Collection: Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo

Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (1727-1804) was an Italian painter and printmaker of the Rococo period, born in Venice to a family of artists. He was trained by his father, the celebrated painter Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, and assisted him in the creation of several frescoes. He developed his own style, characterized by delicate and subtle details and the use of light colors.Tiepolo's works were mostly inspired by themes from Venetian life, classical mythology, and religion. He was also known for his caricatures and genre scenes, which captured the everyday life of the people in his time. Some of his most notable works include the series of prints known as The Punchinello Drawings, which depict the commedia dell'arte character Punchinello in various situations.Despite the decline of the Rococo style in the late 18th century, Tiepolo continued to paint in this manner until the end of his career. He died in his hometown of Venice in 1804. Today, his works can be found in museums and collections around the world, including the Louvre, the British Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.