Collection: Grace Popp

Grace Popp is a renowned artist whose work is characterized by its intricate detail, vivid colors, and distinct style that seamlessly merges traditional and modern elements. Having earned her BFA from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, she has established herself as a versatile artist with a broad portfolio. Popp's art covers a wide range of subjects, from elegant florals and exotic animals to nautical scenes and sophisticated patterns. Her pieces often display a balance of rich textures, layered colors, and a sense of depth that together create a visually stunning effect. Her designs have found success both domestically and internationally, adorning various products such as home decor, stationery, and textiles. Her unique blend of classic and contemporary styles appeals to a wide audience and enhances any interior space. Grace Popp continues to produce from her studio in Norfolk, where she constantly evolves her artistry, creating inspiring works that resonate with art enthusiasts worldwide.