Collection: Hans von Aachen

Hans von Aachen (1552-1615) was a German painter who worked primarily in Munich and Prague. He was a prominent artist in the late Renaissance period and known for his portraits, historical and mythological scenes, and religious works.Von Aachen was trained in Italy and influenced by the works of Titian, Tintoretto, and Veronese, which can be seen in his use of bright colors, dramatic lighting, and dynamic compositions. He was also skilled in creating intricate details and textures in his paintings.His patrons included many of the prominent rulers and nobles of his time, such as Emperor Rudolf II, for whom he created a number of important works, including the famous "Allegory of the Emperor Rudolf II as Vertumnus."Today, von Aachen's works can be found in many major museums across Europe, including the Louvre in Paris and the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.