Collection: Jean Guichard

Jean Guichard is a French photographer most notably recognized for his dramatic images of lighthouses amidst stormy seas. Beginning his career as a photojournalist, he found a lifelong fascination with the ocean's power and the steadfast lighthouses standing against it. His most iconic work, "La Jument," showcases the raw beauty and fury of nature as waves crash against a lone lighthouse off the coast of Brittany, France. His work is celebrated for its ability to capture both the strength and tranquility of these maritime sentinels, often under extreme weather conditions. Guichard's photographs are distinguished by their crisp details, high contrast, and an uncanny ability to capture the exact moment that encapsulates the scene's drama. His oeuvre provides a captivating exploration of human resilience and nature's grandeur, making his work a prized possession in any art collection.