Collection: Jo Moulton

Jo Moulton is an accomplished American artist renowned for her heartfelt, rustic-inspired artwork. With a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Utah, she has spent over three decades creating a unique blend of folk and country art that speaks to the beauty of simplicity and everyday life. Her work often depicts charming rural scenes, vintage objects, inspiring words, and intricate florals, all rendered with an appealing rustic aesthetic. Moulton's art is distinguished by its warmth, character, and timeless appeal, capturing the essence of country living and evoking feelings of nostalgia. Her pieces, widely used in prints, home decor, and gift products, resonate deeply with her audience, offering comfort and a sense of home. Moulton continues to create from her Utah-based studio, where she draws inspiration from her surroundings, personal experiences, and the ordinary moments that make life extraordinary.