Collection: Lisa Audit

Lisa Audit is a Canadian artist known for her delicate and dreamy artwork that beautifully captures the simplicity and beauty of nature. Her passion for art began in her early childhood and has grown into a successful career in which her works are appreciated worldwide. Audit’s portfolio is a diverse collection, ranging from tranquil landscapes and detailed florals to contemporary abstracts. Her artwork is often characterized by a soft, romantic palette and an exquisite attention to detail. She expertly employs various media such as watercolor, oil, and acrylic to bring her visions to life. Her designs have been featured on numerous products, including home decor, stationery, fabrics, and more, testament to her broad appeal and versatile artistic style. Whether through tranquil outdoor scenes or intricately detailed botanicals, Audit’s art seeks to inspire and connect with viewers, inviting them to find beauty in everyday life. Today, she continues to create from her home studio in Quebec, Canada.