Collection: Lucia Heffernan

Lucia Heffernan is a contemporary American artist known for her whimsical and humorous animal-themed paintings. Born in Taiwan, Heffernan moved to the United States to study graphic design at the University of Wisconsin before embarking on a career in commercial art. Heffernan's work is characterized by the anthropomorphizing of animals, placing them in human-like scenarios that are both charming and thought-provoking. Her detailed and realistic paintings, often rendered with a touch of surrealism, challenge viewers to reconsider their relationship with animals and to contemplate their inner lives. From chickens engaged in office work to birds savoring a cup of coffee, Heffernan's playful yet poignant images offer an imaginative exploration of empathy and perspective. Despite the humor, her art conveys a deeper message about the interconnectedness of all creatures. Today, Lucia Heffernan's work is highly sought after, with her prints and originals adorning a multitude of homes and commercial spaces.