Collection: Mark Rogan

Mark Rogan is an accomplished artist known for his unique perspective on the beauty in mechanical designs, especially those found in automobiles and motorcycles. His stunning black and white photographic compositions resonate with enthusiasts of vintage cars and bikes, as well as lovers of minimalist design. Rogan's education in mechanical engineering informs his art, enabling him to capture the intricate complexities of machinery with a skilled eye and a deep appreciation for their aesthetic value. His works balance detail and simplicity, highlighting the structural elegance of mechanical objects that are often overlooked. Rogan's photographs offer viewers a fresh perspective on these objects, transforming them into pieces of art in their own right. His love for machinery and talent for photography combine to create timeless pieces, bringing classic elegance and industrial charm to any space. Today, Mark Rogan's artworks are highly sought after by collectors and aficionados of fine art and motorized vehicles alike.