Collection: Michael Godard

Michael Godard is a contemporary American artist, known as the "Rock Star of the Art World" for his eccentric and whimsical artwork. A self-taught artist, Godard didn't follow traditional paths but instead found success with his unique approach to art. His distinctive style often features animated olives, strawberries, and grape characters in humorous or unexpected situations. His paintings are characterized by bold colors, intricate detail, and a playfully irreverent sense of humor. Works like "Olive Party" and "Seven Deadly Zins" have become emblematic of his quirky and imaginative style. Despite facing personal tragedies, including the loss of family members to cancer, Godard has used his art to raise funds for various charitable causes. His work has been embraced by diverse audiences, from private collectors to celebrities, and is frequently featured in galleries, exhibitions, and private collections worldwide. Today, Michael Godard is renowned for his unconventional artwork that fuses humor, inspiration, and a vivid imagination.