Collection: Michael Parkes

Michael Parkes (born 1944) is an American-born artist living in Spain who is best known for his fantasy art and magical realism. His unique style integrates a mix of techniques, combining painting, stone lithography, and sculpture. Parkes' work is recognized for its dreamlike quality and the use of mythological, spiritual, and supernatural themes. His subjects often include magical creatures, mystical landscapes, and enchanting female figures, each piece inviting the viewer into a world of mystery and wonder. Throughout his career, Parkes has not only mastered but also innovated the demanding stone lithography technique, leading to his work being sought after by collectors worldwide. Notable pieces include "Gargoyles" and "The Last Lion." Despite having no formal academic art training, Michael Parkes has become one of the world's leading fantasy artists, his work leaving a lasting impact on the genre and admired in numerous exhibitions and collections.