Collection: Naomi McCavitt

Naomi McCavitt is a distinguished artist known for her innovative and intricate approach to design and illustration. As the creator behind Thicket Design, McCavitt blends her background in zoology and environmental conservation with her passion for art to create deeply detailed and immersive pieces that evoke a sense of wonder and respect for nature. Utilizing both traditional and digital methods, McCavitt specializes in surface pattern design, illustrating a world brimming with botanical elements, birds, and beasts. Her work is characterized by deep, rich colors, complex textures, and an attention to detail that reflects her scientific roots. McCavitt's designs transcend the world of art, finding applications in textiles, wallpapers, and product design. They serve as a reminder of the intricate beauty of the natural world and have found an eager audience among those looking to bring a slice of nature's magnificence into their own living spaces.