Collection: Paolo Veronese

Paolo Veronese (1528-1588) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period known for his large-scale frescoes and oil paintings. Born in Verona, he moved to Venice in his early twenties and became a prominent figure in the Venetian art scene. Veronese's paintings were characterized by his masterful use of color and light, as well as his attention to detail and ability to capture movement and emotion.Veronese's early works were mostly religious in subject matter, but he later expanded his repertoire to include mythological and historical themes. He was commissioned to create numerous paintings for churches and palaces throughout Venice and Italy, including the Palazzo Ducale in Venice and the Villa Barbaro in Maser.Veronese's work had a significant influence on the development of Venetian painting, and his legacy continues to be celebrated today as one of the great masters of the Renaissance.