Collection: Ryan Fowler

Ryan Fowler is an American artist recognized for his unique blend of rustic charm and modern minimalism, often depicting animals in whimsical and thought-provoking ways. Fowler, who earned his doctorate in veterinary medicine, shifted to a career in art, allowing him to unite his love for animals and his creative passion. While his work doesn't primarily focus on religious themes, certain pieces reflect a spiritual connection between nature and animals, imparting a sense of peace and reverence. Fowler's style is distinctive, blending elements of vintage advertising with contemporary graphic design, resulting in a charming and engaging aesthetic. Fowler's most recognized pieces include his series of animals on bicycles, often featured against typographic backgrounds or illustrated maps. His work is frequently reproduced as prints and decor items, resonating with art lovers and animal enthusiasts alike. Today, Ryan Fowler's art continues to captivate audiences with its lighthearted whimsy and profound appreciation for nature's beauty.