Collection: Sam Toft

Sam Toft is a contemporary British artist known for her whimsical and charming illustrations. Born in Liverpool, she initially pursued various creative careers before settling into her successful path as an artist. Toft's work predominantly features the endearing characters Mr. Ernest Hemingway Mustard, his wife Violet and their dog, Doris. Rendered in her distinctive style, the scenes often depict these characters in simple yet poignant everyday moments against the backdrop of the English seaside. Toft uses a variety of mediums to create her works, including mixed media, oil pastels and scraperboard, lending a warm, textured feel to her art. Her quirky narratives and lovable characters have gained a loyal following, and her works are widely reproduced as prints, cards and other merchandise. Today, Sam Toft's works are a beloved presence in many homes and galleries, their heartfelt and humorous scenes continuing to captivate audiences.