Collection: Silvia Vassileva

Silvia Vassileva is a contemporary artist recognized for her versatile and prolific output. Born in Bulgaria, Vassileva developed an early interest in art, which led her to pursue studies at the National School of Fine Arts in Sofia and later a career in mural painting and design. Vassileva's artistic style encompasses a broad range of subjects and techniques, from abstract compositions to semi-abstract landscapes and florals. Her work is characterized by her expressive brushwork, rich textures, and bold use of color, evoking both emotion and visual intrigue. Her pieces have a universal appeal that makes them suitable for diverse interior styles, from contemporary to traditional settings. Whether it's an abstract piece introducing dynamic energy to a room or a tranquil landscape bringing a sense of calm, Vassileva's art has the ability to transform and enhance a space. Silvia Vassileva continues to captivate viewers worldwide with her vibrant and evocative art.