Collection: Sue Schlabach

Sue Schlabach is an acclaimed artist known for her versatile and evocative artwork that captures the world's innate beauty. With an artistic career spanning several decades, Schlabach has honed a style that skillfully marries vintage charm with contemporary design elements. Her work encompasses a variety of themes, from lush botanicals and idyllic landscapes to abstract forms and typography. Schlabach's compositions are renowned for their rich color palettes, meticulous detailing, and a layered complexity that invites viewers to discover something new with each glance. Schlabach's art has found a home in private collections and commercial settings worldwide, and has been widely reproduced, further broadening its reach. Her creative versatility allows her to resonate with a broad audience, transcending age and style preferences. Constantly drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Sue Schlabach continues to create enchanting pieces that offer a sense of comfort, joy, and an appreciation of the simple beauty that life has to offer.