Collection: Susan Comish

Susan Comish is an accomplished artist known for her enchanting and whimsical depictions of nature and wildlife. Born and raised in Utah, USA, Comish's love for nature and the outdoors greatly influences her work. Comish's style is characterized by her ability to capture the magic and beauty of wildlife, often imbuing her pieces with a fantastical element that brings her subjects to life in unique ways. From her playful depictions of woodland creatures to her magical holiday-themed illustrations, Comish's art has a distinctive charm that appeals to both children and adults. Her work is widely reproduced and collected, with her enchanting holiday art featuring Santa Claus being particularly popular. Comish's artistic vision combined with her love for nature and wildlife result in captivating pieces that transport viewers into a world of magic and beauty. Today, Susan Comish continues to create art that combines reality with fantasy, celebrating the wonder and magic of the natural world.