Collection: Tintoretto

Tintoretto, born Jacopo Comin, was a Venetian painter and one of the leading figures of the Venetian school in the 16th century. He earned his nickname Tintoretto, meaning "little dyer," because his father was a silk dyer. Tintoretto was known for his dramatic use of light and shade and his ability to create a sense of movement and excitement in his paintings. He was heavily influenced by the works of Titian and Michelangelo and was known for his use of bold colors and expressive brushwork.Some of Tintoretto's most famous works include "The Miracle of the Slave," "The Last Supper," and "The Paradise." He was also known for his large-scale paintings and decorations for churches and public buildings in Venice. Tintoretto's work had a major influence on later generations of artists, including the Baroque painters of the 17th century.